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H.Cross Company - Precision Refractory Metal Products

Refractory Metal Products are manufactured to your exact specifications

H Cross Company was founded in 1939 as the company to come to when you required refractory metal products of almost any form. We were the first in the industry to produce many of the products we sold and there is no one with the amount of experience we have working with this entire group of metals. We can make everything from wire, rod, ribbon, strip, sheet foil and cut pieces. As always, everything will be made to your exact specifications.

No matter how difficult your requirements, H Cross Company is THE international source ready to solve your problems and manufacture the EXACT product required for your production.

We've been supplying precision metal foils to some of the largest companies in the world as well as the smaller, more specialized manufacturers and industrial metalworking shops. We are now located in a newly refurbished manufacturing facility of 31,500 square feet at 150 West Commercial Avenue, Moonachie, NJ 07074 and can now better respond to customer requests with enhanced productivity and streamlining of our manufacturing capabilities.

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Tungsten & Alloys

Refractory metal material in 1650 degree Furnace at H Cross Company

We supply Moly Rhenium customers who require this alloys special properties Experienced in precisely made metal foil projects -thin to thick- made to order since 1939. We work with a large range of metals like copper. aluminum. tin. steel. brass. nickel as well as many alloys. We supply foils to some of the largest companies in the world as well as the smaller, more specialized manufacturers.
<h1><font face="Verdana, Arial">H Cross Company not only produces pure rhenium products we also produce Molybdenum Rhenium Alloy for your specialized needs in Industrial, Commercial, Manufacturing, Medical, Aerospace and Military applications.</font></h1> <h2><font face="Verdana, Arial">Precision Metal Foil &amp; Precision Metal Foils Cut To Order by H.Cross Company</font></h2> <h3><font face="Verdana, Arial">We can supply wire, rod, sheet, foil, strip or ribbon in the standard grade product and foil, ribbon or strip in the zone refined product.</font></h3> <h4><font face="Verdana, Arial">Thickness down to .0004", diameters down to .002" and widths up to 3" are available with tolerances to meet the most demanding applications.</font></h4> <h5><font face="Verdana, Arial">H Cross Company makes custom industrial Precision Metal Foils and products. We are manufacturing and fabricating all Precision Metal Foils to exact customer specifications and one of a few manufacturer and fabrication companies in the world for custom metal fabricating services. For the best custom metal fabricators and manufacturing fabrication company - call H Cross Company.</font></h5> <h6><font face="Verdana, Arial">H Cross uses metal foil, metal foils, bare metal foil, metal foil roll, thin metal foils, metals foils, bare metal foils, metal foil rolls, thin metal foil, metals foil, metalfoil, bare metalfoil, metal foils roll, thick metal foils to manfacture foil to spec</font></h6>